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Goodwill Ambassadors of Good Governance Forum

Good Governance Forum appoints Goodwill Ambassadors to help resolve issues related to the various fields of activity such as education, health, youth, women, justice, human rights, socio-economic rights, minorities, Pakistani diaspora etc as part of the forum's overall mission of improving governance in Pakistan.These Goodwill Ambassadors may not be renowned personalities but fairly known in their fields of activity, profession, occupation or community and ready to work ex-gratis for the welfare of the people in their designated fields.

According to the internationally-accepted definition, the Goodwill Ambassador is a title of honor for an individual who serves an organization or cause as an Ambassador of Goodwill. The governmental as well as the non-governmental organizations use the services of goodwill ambassadors to promote their ideals, values and missions as well as programs among the people of a country, province, or city as well as specific fields of activity, communities or groups. He/she plays a key role in mobilizing funds from among their community members.

It's an honorary position and the Good Governance Forum doesn’t pay for the services of the Goodwill Ambassador. We do expect that the Goodwill Ambassador will become a full member of our forum and will help in our mission to bring good governance to Pakistan by way of (a) enrolment of new members (b) raising donations for the forum (c) arranging sponsors for forum’s events such as seminars, conferences, etc. The membership fee of the forum for its full members is Rs 5000 per year. It can be waived in special cases at the sole discretion of the executive body of the Good Governance Forum. In addition, the Goodwill Ambassador will carry the visiting card of the Good Governance Forum with his name and status printed thereon for publicizing his position and the forum. The title will be GGF Goodwill Ambassador followed by the field such as education, health, human rights etc.

There is no pay but the privilege of being a part of the Pakistan's first and only interactive think tank on governance having 11,000+members, 600+ NGOs and 400+ media associates is something good enough to work as our Goodwill Ambassador. There are 50+ key leaders of almost all political parties on our forum. Diplomats of 18 countries are there. Civil and military officials are represented there. We have more than 100 news and thematic blogs as well as social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Technorati, Google+. We have our designated pages on news sites including the 'Newsvine' and ‘The Washington Post.’

We support our goodwill ambassadors by circulating their news, articles and reports in our network of members, NGOs and media associates as well as posting them on our blogs and social media sites on selective basis. We nominate a goodwill ambassador to represent the Good Governance Forum at a national or international event, seminar, discussion forum, conference, workshop or training program. We sponsor a goodwill ambassador's participation in or out of Pakistan and meet his/her travelling expenses in full or part on case to case basis. The final decision in all such matters rests with the executive body of the Good Governance Forum.

We believe in adding to the strength of our goodwill ambassadors as much as possible for mutual benefit.

Any adult citizen of Pakistan or overseas Pakistani interested in becoming our Goodwill Ambassador can email us at his/her (a) profile, (b) a short note on how he/she can promote the Good Governance Forum and its mission and (c) field of interest he/she would like to work for. Selection is entirely merit-based and no appointment is guaranteed. Initial appointment is done for one year, renewable for a further period with mutual consent. Rules of Conduct apply. Politically-aligned individuals do not qualify to become our goodwill ambassadors. 

Good Governance Forum
Leading the Way to the Challenge of Change in Pakistan

Current Goodwill Ambassadors of Good Governance Forum within and outside Pakistan:

United Kingdom

H.E. Dipatuan Dr Shaukat Nawaz Khan
Goodwill Ambassador for Overseas Pakistanis in UK


Hanif Khayal

Goodwill Ambassador for Overseas Pakistanis in Canada
Toronto, Canada


Salahuddin Haider

Goodwill Ambassador for Diplomatic Relations

Shaikh Manzar Alam
Goodwill Ambassador for Trade & Industry


Farheen Chaudhry
Goodwill Ambassador for Peace

Abid Iqbal Khari
Goodwill Ambassador for Youth Leadership

Marvi Sirmed
Goodwill Ambassador for
Gender Mainstreaming & Minorities

Chairpersons of the Central and Provincial Advisory Committees of the Good Governance Forum are separately listed on our blog 

Good Governance Forum
Leading the Way to the Challenge of Change in Pakistan

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