Thursday, May 21, 2015

Goodwill Ambassadors for Pakistan

Goodwill Ambassador is a title of honor for an individual who serves an organization or cause as an Ambassador of Goodwill. The governmental as well as the non-governmental organizations use the services of goodwill ambassadors to promote their ideals, values and missions as well as programs among the people of a country, province, or city as well as specific fields of activity, communities or groups. The primary responsibilities of a goodwill ambassador is to (a) introduce the organization among the people and institutions, (b) promote membership, events and services of the organization and (c) generate funds for the organization. 

Good Governance Forum plans to appoint Goodwill Ambassadors for specific fields of interest to help promote specific causes from the platform of Good Governance Forum such as those related to the fields of education, health, youth, women, justice, human rights, socio-economic rights, and so on. These Goodwill Ambassadors may not be renowned personalities but should be fairly known in their fields of activity, profession or occupation and ready to work ex-gratis for the welfare of the people in their designated fields.

It's an honorary position and the Good Governance Forum doesn't charge  a fee nor does it pay for the services of the Goodwill Ambassador. However, the Goodwill Ambassador is expected to carry the visiting card of the forum that he/she can arrange at his/her own cost (as per standard design of the forum) or ask the forum to provide it at a nominal expense with name, title, email address, cell no and the colour picture.

There is no pay but the privilege of being a part of the Pakistan's first and only interactive think tank on governance having 7000+members, 500+ NGOs and 15000+ media associates is something that should be good enough to work as our Goodwill Ambassador to create awareness among the people on the need for good governance and mobilize public support for Good Governance Forum to help enforce good governance in every part of the country and in every sector of the functioning of the federal, provincial and local government.

Those interested may please email us their profile at Selection will be entirely merit-based and no appointment is guaranteed at this point of time. Initial appointment will be for one year renewable for a further period with mutual consent. Rules of Conduct will apply.

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